1)What is your understanding of Blockchain?

It is a combination of distributed database systems and cryptography which creates an immutable ledger.
Distributed database systems provide decentralization whereas cryptography provides security in the form of hash algorithms.

2)What is the core problem blockchain trying to solve?


3)What are the features that the blockchain will give you?


4)What are all the things the block contains?

-Block number
-Mining key
-Previous block signature
-Transaction data of block

5)How is the verifiability of blockchain can be achieved?

As public ledgres,Bitcoin blockchain and Ethereum require transactions to be visible by default.
Verifiability of blockchain can be achieved with the help of distributed database systems where every user of the blockchain has a record of all the transactions taken till
date. Since, all the users will have the same data and hashes in the process, they must all have the same hash at the end.
This hash can be used to check if everyone has the correct chronological order of the same data.