Day1 Assignment(Blockchain)

1) What is your understanding of Blockchain?
Ans: Blockchain is a combination of "DISTRIBUTED DATABASE" and "CRYPTOGRAPHY".
* In blockchain no hacking is possible
*It provides Huge security boost
* It’s a Verifiable Environment
*Provides Data transparency

2) What is the core problem Blockchain trying to solve?
Ans:Blockchain Address the problem of data security and trust by making the ledger public.
*The blockchain has to also protect itself from willful fraud.

3) What are the features which Blockchain will give you?
*Tamper proof
Internet 2.0

4) What all things does a Block contain?
1.Block Number
2.Transaction Record
3.Previous Block Signature, and
4.Mining Key.

5) How is the verifiability of Blockchain has been attained?
Ans: Block chain have the whole community in which everyone is working at the same time on the same data so if anyone change anything in one data all the other members of community will tell him/her to correct their mistake as the all the other have different thing than that one member.