Hey Folks,

Those who are having problem in the procedure of signing up for AWS,
here are the steps that may possibly lead to your rendezvous point.

1. visit https://aws.amazon.com/free/
2. Click 'Create a free account'
3. Choose 'Personal' and fill up the details
4. fill up the card details and Rs. 2 will be debited which will be re-credited after few days.
5. Choose Basic or Free plan inside
6. When you see Amazon Management Console, Go to ES2 in the left side of the page and see if all the resources are allotted to you.
7. Congratulations on successfully creating your free 12-month trial account on AWS.

*For people who have Rupay cards
1) Download IRCTC iMudra app.
2) Sign up there.
3) This should get you a Virtual VISA Platinum Debit Card.
-----Note the account/upi
4) Send Rs.10 to this account.
5) head over to AWS and register, use this card to make PERSONAL ACCOUNT
-----Thanks to Mohit Wasnik for this method which is working and tested by me -----

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