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Tech News: World’s second-largest cryptocurrency Ethereum hits a record high above $1,700

Ether is the digital coin that powers the ethereum network. During a morning trade in Asia, The price of ether hit $1,918.52, according to CoinDesk data. This surge in the world's second-largest cryptocurrency came after 'Bitcoin' surpassed the $52,000 mark... (More)

Tech News: For the first time ever Bitcoin price surpasses $50,000

Since March 2020, The most popular cryptocurrency 'Bitcoin' has gained 1150%. Now it is approaching the record-high $50,000 (3,638,345.38 INR) mark. Bitcoin is gaining acceptance amongst mainstream investors. It has now risen around 72% so far this year. Five years... (More)

Tech News: Google to soon let iPhone users lock incognito tabs with 'Face or Touch ID'

Currently Google is testing this feature on the beta version of Chrome for iOS. This feature allow more privacy, the tabs will be blurred until it confirms it's you. Its is expected to release next month. This feature can be... (More)