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For real time project of python what are the additional programming languages needed

5 Programming languages security admins need to learn

Cybersecurity is among the most in-demand tech fields in 2020. As the career in cybersecurity grows, there is a need for professionals that can protect critical infrastructure. Here are five programming languages that security admins must learn.

1. Python
The... (More)

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Python Pyhton

i am trying to save a json output to excel file but getting Object of type UUID is not JSON serializable error

@final.route('/start_date-end_date', methods=['GET'])

def subscription_date():

subscription_id = request.args.get('subscription_id')

email = request.args.get('email')

update_query = '''

some query'''

result = db.session.execute(text(update_query), {'a':email})

final = [dict(i) for i in result]

excel = json.dumps(final, default=str)


excels = json.load(excel)

workbook = xlsxwriter.Workbook('myfile.xlsx', 'w')

worksheet =... (More)