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What are Templates ???

Templates are one of the most c++ β€˜s most sophisticated and high powered feature. Using templates, it is possible to create generic functions and classes. Generic programming is a technique where generic types are used as parameters in algorithms so... (More)

Constructors In Cpp

A constructor is a special function in c++ that is used to initialize class data members. The constructor name is the same as that of the class name.

Constructors don’t return value. Constructor is invoked automatically when the object of... (More)

Polymorphism in c++

It is one of the features of the Object-Oriented Programming System. Polymorphism means more than one function with the same name, but different working. It means having many forms. In C++ we have two types of polymorphism:

1) Compile time... (More)

C++ Overloading

The most important functionality in C++ is Overloading. Creating two or more members that have the same name but are different in number or type of parameter is known as overloading.

There are function overloading and operator overloading in c++.... (More)