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Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development
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Virtual virus that transmits between phones developed to mimic COVID spread

Researchers from MIT, Melbourne and Queensland have developed a "virtual virus" that will transmit between phones with the help of Bluetooth. This virtual virus is developed for implementing social distancing directives and measure the actual count with greater accuracy.

The... (More)

Twitter Will Allow A Hardware Key To Login: Why This Matters

After the massive cyberattack that happened on Twitter which apparently resulted in accounts of the personalities like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and many more got hacked, since then Twitter will no be leaving a single drawback in it's security systems... (More)

Are your Android apps crashing? You’re not alone.

The Apps we use daily are usually crashing while they are in loading state. This issue has a base from Android System WebView App where it was provided a bad update. So Google has now issued a new fresh update... (More)