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Responsive Web Design

Level : Beginner

In the world of Web Development we usually come across many devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones while surfing the web that continues to grow at faster pace but all our devices are constrained by... (More)

An Intro to Front-End Technologies

Level : Beginners

In the world of Web Development, whenever a website is build it especially falls under two categories namely:

  1. Front-End or UI/UX ( everything that’s seen by the user).
  2. Back-End ( every process happening in the background).

Whatever... (More)

Article/ Blog
Web DevelopmentHTML

HTML - URL Encoding

When we need to locate our document/file on the web we use URL also known as Uniform Resource Locator. When we type a particular URL on the web page it just directs us to the web server where the resources... (More)

Bootstrap Glyphicons & Badges :

Glyphicons :

Bootstrap provides 260 glyphicons from the Glyphicons halfling set.

Glyphicons can be used in text, buttons, toolbars, navigation, forms, etc.

Here are some examples of glyphicons:

  • Envelope glyphicon
  • Print glyphicon
  • Search glyphicon
  • Download glyphicon


Syntax :

<span... (More)