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Sass List Functions

The SASS list functions are used to modify or transform new lists. The lists need to be designed or created inside circular brackets in order to differentiate from others. SASS list can not be changed hence in some cases new... (More)

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Sass Numeric Functions

Just similar to the SASS string functions, SASS provides a simplistic set of functions for changing the numeric values, and these values work the way youโ€™d like them to. Keep in mind that, one can give CSS value descriptors... (More)

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Sass String Functions

If you have worked in strings in a programming language or have some decent knowledge about the strings, then you will be pretty comfortable with the Sass string functions, with one exception - Sass strings are NOT zero-based arrays.... (More)

Responsive Web Design

Level : Beginner

In the world of Web Development we usually come across many devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones while surfing the web that continues to grow at faster pace but all our devices are constrained by... (More)