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Bootstrap 4 Collapse | Part 2

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Multi Toggle Collapsible

A button or anchor tag can show or hide various elements by referencing them with a JQuery selector in its href or data-target attribute. Multiple buttons or anchor... (More)

Bootstrap 4 Collapse

Bootstrap 4 grants several classes for creating collapsible elements. A collapsible element is practiced to hide or show a large amount of content. The content can be collapsed by adding data-toggle="collapse" attribute anchor or button element. The id of these... (More)

Bootstrap 4 Dropdowns

In an interactive website, Dropdowns are one of the most significant parts. A generic definition, a dropdown menu is the collection of menu items that allow users to choose a value from the list. Dropdowns are toggleable, contextual overlays for... (More)

Bootstrap 4 Cards | Part 5

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Card Columns

We can make use of the .card-columns class to creates a masonry-like grid of cards (similar to Pinterest). The layout will automatically adapt/adjust as we insert more cards.
Note -... (More)