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Android Development : How to create a simple project (Hello world)

Press the Start a new Android Studio project link to get started. Alternatively you can select the File New Project…​ entry from the menu, if you already created a project earlier.

Basic Template to use for a App :

Application... (More)

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Android Development : How to set up the Android studio & Virtual Devices for Development.

  • After Extracting the package you’ve downloaded, Open it
  • Standard or custom installation
  • Dark or Light theme
  • Download and installation of settings
  • Finish the process

The Android SDK manager allows you to install and delete specific Android OS versions.

  • Select Tools... (More)
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Android Development : A small Intro.

Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel. Android is developed in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). This project is led by Google.

The Android operating system can be divided into the four areas as depicted in... (More)