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Historic significant tech info - MOTOROLA

MOTOROLA - The forgotten legacy of a great company PART 2

The evolution of a company is similar to of a child ,includes determination and efforts of lots of people together. Now as the evolution goes on Motorola had no... (More)

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C mcqs.

1. What will be the output of the following C code?

#include <stdio.h>

struct student


char *name;


void main()


struct student s, m; = "st";

m = s;



a) Compile time error... (More)

Historic significant information

MOTOROLA - The forgotten legacy of a great company PART 1

We all are using smartphones, indeed its rare to see people without it .But the origin of smart phone was from a company that was producing microprocessor , yeah... (More)

ENIAC- story of programmable computer

Hey guys we are here to look into the series of events and inventions that paved the way for the technologies we use daily .We are able to access them easily but the path behind every technology doesn't started now... (More)