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🏅 Weekly Code Battle - Week 37

This question has a reward worth 25 LetsUpgrade Coins from LetsUpgrade ending tomorrow!

Reward rules

Battle Format

  • Every week 1 question will be posted on Monday.
  • Answers to be submitted by Google Forms only. Write “I have submitted the solution” in the Answer below Question. Anonymous answers will not be considered
  • First 30 entries per question will be considered for evaluation. 
  • Entries are accepted till Thursday only.
  • After that the team will assess your submission.
  • The winner will be declared on Monday before the next Battle on Community and Telegram Channel.
  • The best answer per question will be rewarded with 15 LetsUpgrade Coins and the title of that character. After all the main characters for Scam 1992 are given, there will be a Final Battle amongst the Title Holders who will compete for the Title of “Harshad Mehta”.

Rules for Weekly Code Battle

  • One Question. One Answer : Each student should send only one entry per question. If you send multiple answers, you will not be considered eligible for rewards.
  • Submit Answer via Form only : Do not post answers in comments. You have to submit your answers via the given form only.
  • Duration : Each question will be available for 4 days for students to answer.
  • Answer : One line answers will not be counted. Your answers should consist of 2 sections:-
    • Explain the logic implemented.
    • And then your solution. 
  • Code should be properly indented where required.
  • After submitting the Google Form, mention “I have submitted the solution” in the   “Answer section” below the Question.
  • Rewards  : Each question will have certain LetsUpgrade coins as a reward. These coins can be redeemed to apply for upcoming LetsUpgrade Events, Courses, Mentorship.
  • If you have any other queries related to the Quiz Format or Rules, mention in the comment section below. Do not ask Questions in the Answer section.


You are Bhushan Bhatt who worked as a jobber in the Bombay Stock Exchange. You were best friends with Harshad Mehta, as you taught him some of the basics of Stock Market which led him to gain more knowledge about Stock market and go in the path of Profit. Later when Harshad opened his own co. you worked with him as a Partner but after the Scam Harshad did with SBI he was about to get a raid and he needed to arrange the files as soon as possible before the raid actually starts in his office so Write a Python/Javascript program to arrange files into respective folder. For example there are various files laying in your pc, this program will help to put those files in the respective folder as mentioned by the user and help Bhushan Bhatt to keep those folders in a safe place after arranging it.

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