Why Should You Choose Python for Mobile App Development?

Python is getting a popular programming language day-by-day. Even some people are using Python for Mobile App Development. But what is so appealing in the Python language that a lot of people are embracing the Python Development? Well, we can say that Python is highly secure programming language and it also has a lot of libraries already built, so a lot of functions do not require to be coded, and you can simply paste the code from the library and you’re done. Moreover, Python code is platform-independent, so the Python code can run on any platform, and that is also one of the main advantages.
But when it comes to Mobile App Development, lesser people are aware that Python can be used to develop a Mobile Application as well. Most people think that Android Development is done on Kotlin and Java, but you can always use a Python framework to develop your application. Most developers use the Kivy framework to develop a mobile application using Python.