Microsoft GitHub acquires NPM
Microsoft GitHub acquires NPM


Node Package Manager, more widely known as NPM, is almost the default package manager of NodeJS platform, though other famous package manager Yarn also exists.

Microsoft recently surprised the developer community by acquiring GitHub, which is the largest source control management tool hosted on the internet.


Microsoft acquiring GitHub was a huge news
Microsoft acquiring GitHub was a huge news


Now, another surprise news came out today — Microsoft GitHub is acquiring NPM!

Okay, so we have this Coronavirus pandemic sweeping everywhere around the world. Amidst all of these terrible sufferings, GitHub buying NPM seems to be such a small news that only matters to developers. Besides, NPM is only for NodeJS, which is a popular front-end server but not the de-facto programming tech stack. So, why does it matter and why is Microsoft doing this?

I will breakdown the reasons why Microsoft GitHub doing this.

1.0. Get the best result by making a small effort — 80:20 rule Pareto Principle from Business Perspective: Javascript is most popular programming language in GitHub.

Depending on whom you ask and where you ask, Javascript is not maybe the most popular language. But at least in GitHub, Javascript is the most popular programming language based on number of contributions.


Javascript is the most popular programming language in GitHub. [Source:
Javascript is the most popular programming language in GitHub. [Source:]


GitHub knows this, and Microsoft GitHub wants to get the small win by making a move that gives the best result satisfying 80% of the use cases. See Paretto Principle

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule, the law of the vital few, or the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes

2.0. Solving the developers’ technology pain point by making the integration seamless by controlling THE source of front-end libraries

A technology is not always singular, one package that includes all. Instead, an application development depends on multiple libraries, multiple services, and multiple end-points that need to be connected together. For example, let’s look at Apache Maven or Apache Gradle, if you are a Java developer. Just building a simple Spring Boot “hello, world” application requires spring-core library, spring mvc library, and many other JARs. If you want to make it a production ready application, you have to add unit testing (JUnit, mockito, etc), database integration (Hibernate, JDBC, etc), and so much more. It is not exactly easy to integrate all of these, and developers know this. A similar experience will come from front-end developer working with NodeJS and a package manager like NPM or Yarn.

Microsoft GitHub knows this, and it wants to completely control the NPM repo. By integrating the NPM directly with GitHub, Microsoft will have the better control over the NodeJS community, which means front-end developer community. And whenever the pain point shows up, Microsoft GitHub can more easily listen and address it.

3.0. Projecting the Microsoft image as the open source friendly company — Win the open source community by getting closer with NPM community

By buying NPM, Microsoft GitHub can directly transform the NPM community people “their people.” Oracle kinda did the same thing, except it made more enemies by suing, stealing Hudson, which separately went away with Jenkins, etc. I believe Microsoft is doing this different way, by projecting its image as open source friendly company.

Microsoft GitHub developers can closely more work with NPM developers, so they can get to know each other pretty well. Every time when NPM event happens, Microsoft will be first to get invited and become the main sponsor. Every time Microsoft event happens, NPM will also be showcased. And simply publishing the news that Microsoft GitHub buying NPM easily broadcasts through front-end community. This is a big marketing move as well as big relationship move.

4.0. Making Money Part 1: Influence the opportunity to grow Microsoft Azure Cloud when the corporates & companies try to pick a cloud

So far, everything was about free stuff. Let’s support the open source! Microsoft will be a top open source company. But wait. Where is money in this?

The money will come from Microsoft Azure cloud. Big companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google all fight for cloud market cap. When the industry tries to adopt a cloud, the business executives typically do Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), system engineering, SWAT analysis, etc. One of the factors that can influence the purchasing choice will be what developers and engineers want. Based on the closer integration with technology stacks and how easy it is, and how supportive it is, the cloud purchase decision can be made.

With Microsoft having GitHub and NPM, this choice will boost Microsoft Azure cloud as the most preferred choice among the companies looking to develop front-end web applications.

5.0. Making Money Part 2: Putting enterprise supported packages back to NPM repo

One main difference about an individual developer and the corporation is this: individual developer wants to save the initial cost as much as possible while the industry has huge money to invest but want to save big money long term.

“Individual wants to save the initial cost as much as possible but a corporation has the huge money to invest but want to save the big ... Microsoft also acquired LinkedIn, which is one of the largest job posting SNS site, so there is another plus.