Google is a prominent and perhaps the best search engine with lots of application. Most of individual, companies, firms, organization utilize Google. :-Β 

1. SITE DIRECTORY: We can say that it is a directory of site, any you want to explore over it you will find it easily. It almost shares more than 25 million sites.Β 

2. SITE RANKING: Google places ranking sites with its relevant topics. The most recognized site that consorts to your site, the best Google ranking you gets.Β 

3. FILE FORMAT FRIENDLY: Google utilize accepted file format like PDF and Microsoft Office, .doc file, excel file. Google offer variety of file format in which web visitor.Β 

4. ANALYTICS: Google Analytics demonstrate you the fall of traffic to your website. It’s not only an advertising channel for Google, but another way of evaluating site popularity. Its SEO to evaluate their popularity over the net.Β 

5. HIGH ESTEEM/TRUST: Google is so popular that any data you can ascertain it with a single click of mouse. If the product goes popular the follower always follows the technique by which it gained popularity.