Hii everyone, I'm Pradnya Kedari, studying in second year of B. Tech computer science and engineering at MIT-ADT University, Pune. I know many of us are just living a normal college and family life or may be some of us are taking efforts to complete their dreams. In my case, I think my life was like a wheel which only completes a round and keeps going forward. Means literally it was just like enjoying college Life till the timetable of exam get display and once it get display then start countdown, complete all assignments and practicals, checked it from faculty and study just one night before exam (like full engineering vali bandi !!) and then vacations...then again repeat all..!

When this lockdown was started, I came back at home from hostel and I thought I'll complete my all assignments and then my regular routine will start. But instead of this I get attracted towards coding. My friend told me about LetsUpgrade FCS course and I joined this course from Β day-1 (Batch 1). I started doing coding by my own (I also completed silver project) and I don't know how but my interest was increasing day by day. I would like to mention that this all happened because of @Saikiran Sondarkar sir. His guidence and the way he teached all things it was really awsome. I completed all course, gave an exam and recieved a certificate also.

Then I learned java also and I'm also done with one project (Face Detection) in java and now I'm working on Face Recognition (I'm learning MySQL database and relaed all things). I also joined at TechSim+ as student intern (summer internship). During this month I attend many webinars, meetups (I think after completing my python exam I attended all LetsUpgrade's meetups) and I also completed some courses in ICT academy Learnathon 2020.

Now I'm very happy that I get selected at LetsUpgrade community as a student ambassador. I would like to say thank you to @Saikiran Sondarkar sir, @Prasad SawantΒ  sir, @Mhd.Saim DarjiΒ  sir and all LetsUpgrade team for this opportunity.

Now I'm thinking like this lockdown changed me alot..! And now when I looked back and compared myself with the life I used to live from my graduation staerted ...I think I gained many more new things!