Yes an upgrading coder is what I would call myself.

An enthusiast coder and a learner . I was in a search of someone that could teach me new skills new language and guide me to what I should really focus on .

ย In this hustle I found about letsupgrade through a friend . Me , pursuing computer engineering and a fascinated about computers as to how they work and what all they can do wanted to learn more I had an good command over c and c++ but I wanted to learn python as it is what the time actually needs and then I started to look for someone to teach me and I tried many but they could not get my interest but letsupgrade exactly knew how to keep my interest kept and I started learning and doing my assignment I got a very good knowledge in python and started exploring new things doing competitive coding and now I have a great hand over python all thanks to letsupgrade.

I always loved leading people and guiding them to good things and letsupgrade gave me an opportunity to be part of student ambassador program and I feel so blessed to be a part of letsupgrade now and surely know I would become a much better coder a leader and a much better version of myself..

All thanks to letsupgradeย