Myself Ahmed Morve, studying S.E IT from NBN Sinhagad School of Engineering,Pune. 

Before a month i came to know about the Lets Upgrade Python Program,thought that it would be as usual course that others are,but the prediction was completely wrong.I am happy to be a part of such a great community.Journey just started from ordinary student among the huge crowd to such the golden opportunity of being Students Ambassador of the Lets Upgrade community.

As i had Zero knowledge about the Python i joined the Course.It felt like very annoying at starting point for 2 to 3 days  because to have daily lecture of 2 hrs daily assignments daily attendance and all .but after a sort of time the course became very intresting and all the doubts claryfication and the guidance of @Saikiran Sondarkar sir the course became very interesting. 

Being a normal student to being a Student ambassador of the Lets Upgrade was the beautiful journey. @Prasad Sawant  sir and @Mhd.Saim Darji sir  helped a lot through this beautiful journey.

            Proud to be Part of Lets Upgrade Community 

once again thanks to Lets Upgrade for giving me this golden opportunity.