Types of Servers:

In the last post we saw about what is a server and its usage, now we can look upon the types of the servers in a detailed manner.

1) File Server - As the name suggests a File server is a common server that provides access to files. This server acts as a central storage location that can be accessed by multiple systems.
File servers are mostly used in company networks, schools, small organisations etc. File servers also provides a Fault tolerance solutions in many cases.

2) Print Servers- The functionality of this server is very simple, these type of servers allows for the management and distribution of the Printing functionality. In a big organization there will always be a demand for printing purpose and instead of attaching a separate printer to each workstation these print servers can be used which can respond to multiple requests.

3) DNS Servers – Domain Name servers/system are an application server that works on the name resolution to client computers by converting names to machine readable IP addresses.

4) Application Servers- Application servers run applications on behalf of client computers. These Servers are responsible for hosting applications. These servers are used for many purposes like running web applications, hosting a hypervisor, managing software updates, processing data etc.

5) Web Server- A web server i is a computer system that hosts websites. It runs web server software like Nginx or IIS which provides access to the hosted webpages over the internet.
Any computer can be used as a web server as long it is connected to the internet with the appropriate software getting installed in it. A web server which that only hosts websites for a single entity or a company are called as dedicated hosts whereas if it serves for multiple hosts it is called as shared hosts.

So I hope now we do have a basic understanding about the servers and their types. In the next post we will look on how websites work..

Until then , STAY TUNED!!!