failure leads to success

Just like all student .I also don't like studying and I also don't know what I am going to do in future and one more thing that I too hate math because its the only subject because I got failed in ninth. Still after failure I was bit depressed because I was overconfident at that time. Than i started improving my math. Still math was a bouncer for me. Than i passed my 10th and than comes the most important question "Tu field konsi choose karega?" and just like normal child I choose commerce ( Till today I was thinking it was a right decision or not). It was also a good field I learned a lot but than I got to know I was having ability to choose Science and I practiced math a lot than it help me too think more logical . I practiced a lot in 12th and gained good marks.  

After passing 12th than I got introduced towards programming ( for me .My mind was still confused because i really don't know about programming I was just knowing that I have to learn a language but I don't know which language . I learned C programming from college and also practiced again and again it really helped me a lot it cleared my basics .I learn C++ too from college than I understood that knowledge provided by college by is not enough than I started learning through online .I learned python from watching videos as my basics are cleared because of c programming python was really easy for me and the letsUpgrade community also helped me in practicing by providing assignments it was a good practice for me during this quarantine I learned many things such as python and many libraries of python, learned Django(a python framework used for back-end of website), and started machine learning it was boring still doing project based on machine is interesting. During this Quarantine I also made a E commerce website using Django.  

@Saikiran SondarkarSir is really friendly you get to know while communicating with them👌. 

Still practicing to learn new things .And many are remaining. Always a learner .

And thanks to LetsUpgrade team for giving opportunities😊.