So how many of you heard of Tesla Motors? What about SpaceX? Hyperloop?
Unless you live under a rock without bars chances are you mostly heard of the name Tesla Motors. It is a car company, Electric car company to be specific. This guy we are talking about, Read the title once in case you forgot his name, is the CEO of it and this is his success story.

In Management classes, you may be heard of lecturers saying โ€œwe have to think out of the boxโ€. This guy did a Ph.D. on it, guys please stop searching google on โ€œhow to do a Ph.D. in Out of the box thinkingโ€ I havenโ€™t said it literally.

We watched many sci-fi movies, letโ€™s say Blade Runner, Star Wars, Total Recall and many. In all those movies they projected that the future is all about Air Transport, but this guy is digging a hole in the ground from Los Angeles to San Francisco for High-speed transportation. This time I mean it literally.

Letโ€™s be frank how many of us think of ideas like leaving the Earth and start colonizing on Mars? and how many of us ever thought of reusing an orbital rocket? Forget about out of the box his thoughts are already out of this world.