My name is Mahesh Rajendra Kunjir. I am currently studying in third year of computer science engineering at Pune Vidyarthi Griha's College of Enginnering and Technology, Pune-09.

Few days ago I am really stucked and don't know how to start with Python..?

One day I see the post on instagram about Lets Upgrade and the advertise of starting of Batch 1 of Β FCS.

I am shocked by seeing that the course is free, and giving all assignments and projects. In our colleges we need to pay lots of fees for our degree and knowledge is zero. But when I saw that post of FCS, I get excited for that course and registered for same.

On day 1 of that course I undrstand all the contents and syllabus of course. I get very excited for this and started my journey for learning python on Lest Upgrade.Β 

The contents of that course are very properly designed. All proper assignments are given daily and quizes are provided to students that increases intrest of students.

I completed that course successfully, and now I am able to coding in python successfully.Β 

Happy to say that now I am Student Ambassador on Lets Upgrade.

SaiKiran Sondarkar sir, Prasad Sawant sir, Saim Darji sir and other peoples are behind our success and they gives their best for us..

I am very happy to say that I am part of this family.

Kind regards,

Mahesh Kunjir