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Hello guys,

      This is Jagtap Kunal Laxman and I am currently pursuing my B.Tech in DBATU University (Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University).

      This story is about covid-19 holidays, During this lockdown due to covid-19, I was researching about courses online and found some courses.But I registered for these some courses and I disappointed with the quality and Learning strategies of the course content. At that time I  seen a story of my friend on Instagram, I found about let'supgrade regarding the start of batch 3 for learning python language.

    Only one Instagram story help me to learn such a top language python with best online support.  

    I registered and I got a confirmation mail and all that, But due to my past experiences I had no much expectations. But when I start classes I was surprised about the Sai sir learning skill and nature of learning to us. It was very friendly course.

    And before it I never enjoyed learning a programming language as much as I like Letsupgrade.

   Now i am Ambassador of LetsUpgrade. I feel immensely proud for being a part of Letsupgrade whose main objective is to make knowledge and learning available to everyone who wants to learn.  

   Once I finished my python course with Letsupgrade I was confident and fill really good that I was learning and making use of this COVID  time to improve my skills,from such a cool and amazing platform.

    I if some one ask me to learn a python first i prefer first Let'sUpgrade, I think it's the only one  platform that gives out such friendly/Qualitative content for free.

    I would like to thank all the members of Letsupgrade for providing such great course also One friends (Chetan Gaikwad) story make it all happens true and improve my skill. Thank you to Chetan Gaikwad .