Hello there,

      This is Megha Sharma a common student doing engineering in CSE now in 2nd year (4th sem) from HNBGU (A Central university). I came home in march from college due to COVID-19 and the daily routine is just like getting late in the morning around 11 or 12 . One day on scrolling in internet I found there is a python course Zero to Hero  10sec I thought about it wether to join this or not and after seeing the certification i enrolled for it and that day of my life and now it is totally different . After joining the course i found that from the next day onward the new batch is going on i found my self very lucky that i got the article on time and after that from the next day i made my daily routine i used to got early in the morning and belive me the one week of devotion totally changed me while doing the assignment and projects i get used to of it and now after that also there is no class or nothing but daily i got up and do some sort of coding web suffering and all . 

Next big thing is about the project for the first time in my life i recorded my video . I really don't like to listen my recorded voice but for the project view i have to do that and i had and really it was an amazing video in 1 trail only so i got the confidence also that in future i might be a good teacher :)  . So that's all this is my short success story.

Thank to all FCS team(@Saikiran Sondarkar , @Prasad Sawant  ,@Saim Darji).

Thanks alot for the chance to motivate ourself in this quarntine also.