Opportunity do not knock until we build a door!!

Hey guys, I am Annapoorna R Salunke. I am pursuing my B.E degree on Computer Science in Kalpataru  Institute of Technology, Tiptur.

Journey to success,

As mentioned above my door to knock was built with the help of the team letsupgrade. It was a best platform that I have underwent to learn programming. I came to know about this Python FCS from the add posted by letsupgrade. As the tag line says it is really a zero-to-hero program,I have got the best python knowledge ever. It is a very rare opportunity now-a-days where we can get a education for free. It is very beneficial for the rural area students who are not able to offer the coarse in metropolitan cities. Now I am happy to say that I am able to code in python. So I thank each and every member in the team letsupgrade.

Key to success is to focus on goals,not obstacles.