Hello Everyone, I am Ankit Ranjan lives at Noida , UP. I am currently Pursuing Bachelor's of technology in Computer Science with specialization in Open Source Software and Open Standards at Galgotias University Greater Noida.

Here I am going to tell you about how Letsupgrade totally changed my life , career and potential towards learning.

When the lockdown starts I only used to wake up late ,play game's , enjoy memes and do some Udemy course which I recommend not so useful because a video has been uploaded on each topics and you have to watch and implement which I personally thinks that it doesn't keeps me interacted and as a result I left it.

Now at this moment my life got changed. When I was scrolling instagram I saw a page called letsupgrade where you can learn Python a course which will make you to become from zero to hero in 7 days with live online classes were you have do assignments and a projects. Then I starts to search more about this course then I found it that this is the best Python course available on the online learning platform were they will keeps you learning with a fun mode on online live classes and for more better enhancement and understanding they have provided a daily based Assignment which will keeps you interacted with the topics which they covered on the same day and most important a Silver Project at end of the course and if you are having any doubt or query there is a community where you can ask the questions and even you can answers others queries. A daily kahoot quiz will be available for you to how much didi you understand and how frequently you can answer the questions.

Now after I started to attend the classes it made a daily routine for me that today at 11 Am I have to attend the class, ask my queries and after that I have to do the assignment of the day. I enjoyed being busy with this course and doing Assignments.I have made a Tic tac toe game also with the help of Letsupgrade and ofcos at the end I have to submit a video of mine teaching some of the topics of Python.

I feel privileged to learn , understand and explore about Python through Letsupgrade.

Letsupgrade Also give me a opportunity to become a student ambassador after successfully passing the two modes of interview.

Therefore at last I want thank Letsupgrade , Letsupgrade Community , @Saikiran Sondarkar ย  sir , @Mhd.Saim Darjiย  ย  ย sir , @Prasad Sawantย  ย sir ย for making a drastic change in my life and career.

I will always be Thankful to you.