My Journey with LetsUpgrade from Student to Student Ambassador!!!!


I'm @VANDANA MOHAN GOUDAย  a 3rd year student pursuing B.E degree in SDMIT UJIRE KARNATAKA.

Iam programmmer and coder i do projects on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. But the main hurdle before me was PYTHON.

I knew the PYTHON up to some extent.I want to learn python better way.

Then I heard about LetsUpgrade, Free Coding School. I thought I should give a try..I'm really excited. I've completed all assignments with full joy and with the support of @Prasad Sawantย  , @Aniruddha Majumderย  helped a lot in any doubts regarding assignments and knowing the information about the exam till earning certificate. I really thankful to @Saikiran Sondarkar & @DR. DARSHAN INGLEย  for giving the best knowledge on python and continuous support of inspiration.



Happy Learning.....ย