THE answer to the question-1 that i had posted is 2,4 because as i had explained before a machine can be called as an robot if and only if it can 1.sense 2.think 3.act a remote control of a tv does not think it just senses and then act s same case in the remote controlled car also if there's a object in it path it just goes and dashes it it does not change direction untill we tell it to

lets go further...

As i had said there are 3 functions that a robot will perform.Now lets look at the components used to perform these functions

1.sense: this function is nothing but to sense the surroundings of the robot and this is performed by sensors there are many sensors like thermal sensor which is used to check the temperature ย  ย  ย then there is proximity sensor:which detects nearby objects with the help of electromagnetic field emitted by it and many more there are all kinds of sensors to do this job

2.think: this is basically the brain of the robot which performs the main function this can be performed by arduino boards or rasberry pie boards there are many more those boards and micro controllers also they ย have various ports using which connections are done and we program these boards to perform the function required for us in this course i ll be using arduino uno board to program my robot

3.act: this is the final output given by the robot and they are also called end effectors ย and usually motors are present here this is where we draw our axis for the direction and position of our robot this is like out reference axis