Python Developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991 it has become one of the most popular programming languages in the world hear about 2006.

Java was Released 1995 in Sun Microsystems. But it had got 3 Billion devices quickly.


Python: An interpreted language means you can type commands into the command line interpreter and it responds right away. (Technically, that is called REPL, Read, Evaluate, Print, Loop.) That make debugging code easy as you can get small paragraphs working as you work on the larger program.


Advantages of Python:

(1) Developers can learn it quickly

(2) Typically involves less code

(3) Syntax is easier to read

(4) Utilized by every major technology company

(5) Huge anount of additional open-source libraries


In terms of Data Scientis or Data Analysis Python is dominating language than Java and below are the reasons why?:

- Python compiles at first run.

- Python is dynamically types and uses protocol based polymorphism rather than inheritance based (like in java)

- Python is a much higher level language than Java (ratio of lines of code per function is around 3:1)

- Python is often called 'executable pseudo code'

- Python has a much more elegant syntax

- Python is more object oriented than Java which is predominantly class based.

- Python has much better support for higher order programming, functional programming andn meta-programming (like decorators and generators)

- If you are great fawn of Java then checkout "Jython" which combines the best of both (Java & Python) with remarkably few compromises.

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