Python is an abundant source of libraries. A Python library is a gathering of functions that assist one to perform many actions. Python categorizes these libraries according to their title role in data science. Letโ€™s see Python libraries for data scientist:

A. Data Cleaning and Data Manipulation

1.Pandas ย 2. NumPy ย 3. Spacy ย 4.SciPy

B. Data Gathering

1.Beautiful Soap ย  2. Scrapy ย 3.Selenium

C. Data Visualisation

1.Matplotlib ย 2.Seaborn ย 3.Bokeh ย 4.Plotly

D. Data Modelling

1. Scikit-Learn ย 2. PyTorch ย 3.TensorFlow ย 4.Theano

E. Image Processing

1. Scikit-Image ย 2.Pillow ย 3.OpenCV

F. Audio Processing

1. pyAudioAnalysis ย 2.Librosa ย 3.Madmom