Perceptron: A gateway to the World of Neural Network

Deep Learning a field so interesting yet considered to be confusing at the same time. There are so many ways to enter the world of deep learning some ways some so complicated that a person may get stuck into a scenario and decide to never explore this beautiful world.
I would like to suggest you enter this beautiful world through a gate called the Perceptron; small baby steps to get a better grip on the world of Deep Learning.
Biological Neuron and the Perceptron

Us Homosapiens have always looked for inspiration, the best inspiration of all, nature. Birds inspired us to soar high through the sky, the fishes inspired us to explore the underwater world. In the year 1957, Frank Rosenblatt decided to look for inspiration within, he looked at the brain’s architecture and thought of representing the neurons as a mathematical formula leading to the birth of Perceptron.
We accomplish so many difficult tasks in the day which may seem very easy for us to think like walking, but require many calculations and passing of signals which are accomplished with the help of neurons, well they are just a part of the complex process.
Biological Neurons are connected from one end to another producing short electrical impulses which travel along the body of the cell and produces an output for the next Neuron to take action upon. Individual neurons seem to behave in a rather simple way, but they when connected to other billions of neurons in the body accomplish any difficult task quickly.
This cell and the accomplishment it attains through connection with other cells inspired us to create an Artificial Neural Network (ANN).