"There aren't any definitions for success.                                                      when we succeed, we become it's definition" 


I'm Gokul I'm from technical background before joining College I know the basics of programming. I am really very much interested to learn programming during in school days itself. After joining college I have got some more  interest in programming because of technology development. Actually i am eagerly waiting to learn more skills which will be more useful to me to join in industry requirements. and moreover..,in these quarantine days I was searching for free online courses and I saw the ads about Lets Upgrade and I have joined the python course in Lets Upgrade. I got the certificate too. I applied for student Ambassador Program and I was selected in that too.  Now I have come to a stage where I am going to represent them in our college as a Student Ambassador Program. I would love to join hands with Lets Upgrade and take the community to the next level by helping the fellow Upgraders  and by making people aware about this next-generation community to put their future in right hands which will help them to achieve victory and ultimately would make our country’s future bright.I felt this is the right time to thanks Let's Upgrade Team and also @Saikiran Sondakar  sir for amazing session. 

              "Failure is not a first step towards success.

              if u failed ,u will be vanquish for just one failure.

               Here,we shouldn't have any other goal than winning"   

                                    !! DREAM IT. WISH IT . DO IT!!