Now let’s come to the Exact Picture on about what is Cloud Computing????

Cloud Computing is a On Demand delivery of Compute power, Database, Storage , Applications and other IT resources without the need of Physical Servers and also Cloud Provides the Pay As You Go Model . You can Provision Exactly the right type and Size of the computing Resources you need for your requirement without any delay. You can access as many resources as you need almost instantly. This method is always the simplest way to Access servers, Storage, databases and a set of application services.

The Main and the biggest advantage of the Cloud Computing is that it doesn’t demands us to install any piece of Software on our Local PC and it is a big boon for the users.

Let us the see the characteristics of Cloud below

1) On Demand & Self Service: On Demand service means you can avail the service whenever you need it and the Self Service characteristic of Cloud makes sure that there is no need of human interaction from a service team to use the service

2) Broad Network Access: This Explains that the all the resources we need are available over the network and can be accessed by diverse client Platforms.

3) Multi Tenancy & Resource Pooling: This means that the services can be used my Multiple customers who can share the same application and are intact with Security & Privacy. This means that the Cloud Environment doesn’t compromise on the security even though multiple customers are serviced from the same physical resources

4) Rapid Elasticity & Scalability: Elasticity ( rubber band as an example) automatically and quickly can acquire and dispose resources based on the demand and the need.

Scalability refers to the method of adapting to Scale quickly and easily based on the demand

5) Measured Service: Usage is measured accurately and users pay for what they use. Mostly all the leading Cloud Service Provides gives out services for free trial so that the users can get a view and idea of it.

- Karthik AV