Please read my Success story.

I am Sovam Kumar Pradhan. Currently I am Pursuing Btech In The Domain Of Computer Science.  My success story is begins from failure.when i am in class 10 I wanted to make my Carrer in medical .I got 9.8 CGPA in class 10. Due to External pressure (Parents Of Different Friend ) .Then My parents make Pressure me that to Make my Carrer in Computer Science.

Then In My exam in class 11  I failed c++ Language In My Internal Exam.My Family will not satisfied with my Performance And I Can't contact My eyes with my parents and their expectation. Then I Personally contact with my respected computer science professor for my doubt regarding this.They suggest me to see youtube video. By seeing You tube video Somehow I have passed the exam .But I Want Big .Then I Start Practicing code from different you tube video and start learning what happening in the code and understand the code.I sleep only 3 hour for  practicing the code.Then I make bold on programming.Now I feel Pro in Programming. I have hackerank 5 star(gold) in python,c++,c. And I Help my colleague for understanding the programming.Now I am a started competitive programming .If i Get Platform like Let'sUpgrade I upgrade my skills earlier.Now I Built My Carrer in Mern Developer(WEB DEVELOPMENT)

At last I want To Say that Dedication Helps To Achieve Your Goal.


                                                                                -Sovam Kumar Pradhan