Fin-Coder: A Journey from Zero to Hero

            That is the title and name I'd like to give myself. Fin-coder is basically Financial Coder. Sounds silly but that's what it is. All the credit goes to LetsUpgrade. I'm an ordinary B.Com undergrad, who never even thought about coding and python. I thought I'd never be able to do something like coding ever in my life. But then a few weeks ago I came across an Instagram ad saying Free Coding School which intrigued me. I was anyways doing nothing in lockdown and so I thought that why not give it a shot. So my journey from Zero to Hero in Python began. On the very first day I was very nervous and thought that I couldn't do it and second thoughts of quitting came into my mind. All thanks to Sai sir who made me and other students comfortable and also made us believe that we could do it. The assignments and projects got started, which were tough but also fun. The telegram community was fun and interactive. They helped cleared doubts and queries instantly. I made some really good friends on this journey. I've come so far and now I am confident that I could code something in python. Thank you LetsUpgrade. Thank you for everything :)