What is success !

Iam a guy who is interested in doing techie things which could be both beneficiary to me and to the society, so thinking about that I was totally blank and few questions kept me stay still like what am I ? What iam doing ? Where to start ? What to do ? So thinking about and searching answers for those one of my junior from my college shared me a link about let's upgrade and she told me to join and learn.

Later on I started slowly learning from @Saikiran sir about the python programming language and I learnt a lot and it encouraged me to learn something instead of wasting time in these covid-19 lockdown periods and now I feel proud of my self that I got intrest in tech more and I my self started to learn several other languages.

So these all happened to me due to that one small step that I kept on to learn something new.

Now I am learning advanced python, JavaScript, Go Language, React and Angular.

So I thank let's upgrade and its team a hearty wishes for bringing me outside from a zone where I was stuck.

Now iam really thinking into to do some real time projects for farmers where they could be benefited.

For me success is when a person put some efforts to learn then that itself is a success.