This is Mahesh and I am belonging from Nanded Maharashtra. As I told about my success story I went from 3 tire college, from nanded and now I am persuing my MCA post graduation from IICMR pune.

My journey  till now quite funny I had do lots of thing, when I completed my 10th I got admission in MCVC for 11th but not interested in that I think I learned approx. 8-10 day in MCVC and then got admitted for polytechnic diploma, and in also I failed to did that, till that time I have some polytechnic and MCVC experience all things are did unexpectedly, I didn’t know what I can do or not to do, one of my friend is get admission in 11th commerce the I go with him and got admission in 11th commerce after that I think this is my path I have to make my carrier in Commerce, but we say na density wanted something different, then I have started my success journey from when I got admission in 11th commerce. After that I have successfully completed the 11th and 12th and again I have as usual confusion what to do. Then finally I decided I am doing carrier in information technology and I has decided my path and I am doing the same till now.

After 12th BCA, in that I have get backlogs in every semester except in last semester, did lots of stuff in my college life, in these days I have collected more memories with my friends, teachers in short I learn what is ”DUNIYADARI” in my college. After completing bca I have got admission in MCA, I didn’t confuse at that time because I have fixed my path at the time of bca admission.

I have dream from my childhood to study in pune, and finally in 2018 I am in pune, in my mca journey I learned lots of things like how things happen and how we stay away from home, first some months are very difficult, after that it is use to.

When I am in first year mca I have participated in many events in my college and also participated in SMART INDIA HAKCATHON-2020 and try to do project with my 6 friends in that I am a team Leader for my team to represent my college, we send our prototype for SIH-2020 and unexpectedly we was not selected in 2nd and final round. This was very disappointing and hard moment in my life because we work more than expectation and  all my teammates did very great. After some time everything is gone as usual, I get many for good and bad experience, I learned many things about human behaviour and how people behave when what you did and many more. As 1st year is completed and unexpectedly I have no backlog till now.

Now I am in second year MCA and I realise many tech skill which I have, many opportunities has came and I didn’t late them go anyhow. “sab kuch accha chal raha tha bolte hai na panouti chahiye hoti hai aur corona aagaya”

I forget to tell I again participated in SMART INDIA HACKATHON- 2021 and got selected in final round when we dream about our nodal center what we do when we go there the CORONA is come and all things are shuttle down. Government has take decision for lockdown and we are at home from past 2-3 month. We did our project work at home attend the daily meeting as per mentor guidance and did the task, one time I went to instagram and I found the LETSUPGRADE free Coding school PYTON zero-hero program, I think it is something interesting I have to do that.

Before this program I only heard about python, the python is use for data science I didn’t know after completing this program my interest area got change, and I am started the training program of FCS.

Daily attendance and assignments was really amazing thing day by day I give interest in program I really don’t know when and how my interest are got change towards DATA SCIENCE. And I am explore more things related to data science. In that period o has try to know about python libraries which are used for data science. I can say in one sentence if I didn’t fount FCS on my instagram then really I didn’t know my interest. I am belonging from batch 3 I did the video on Input and output it is last assignment of that program, and Letsupgrate is taking very secure exam this this was very appriciatable. And I already started my journey towards data science. Because of only Letsupgrade

And after some time I got chance to work with letsupgrade as a student ambassador, I didn’t loose the opportunity and apply for the same. And got selected for the program.

Thank you Saikiran Sondarkar  sir for giving such opportunity

Thank your Prasad Sawant  Viral Patel   sir for your guidance and giving me a such name(HAPPIDENT GUY)

Thank you Mhd.Saim Darji   sir for believing in me


Sir we ROCk ToGeTheR