Hii ... I'm keerthana . Currently  pursuing  electronics and instrumentation engineering. Finally I'm going to be a final year soon.... From first year to third year i was just enjoying my college life. Apart from electrical student i have a little lovetowardsprogramming because in my 12th standard my specialization was  in computer science. But joining as a electrical engineer I’m out of that. Suddenly due to the  pandemic  situationlockdown occurs, like a normal student I too initially enjoyed the holidays suddenly I got a fear of career which everyone got in their pre final year so i just want to start learning programming languages that time suddenly i held up to see a post in my instagram. Initially i thought it was fake then i wanted to give  a try. So i registered for it on mar 23 .I got a mail at that  night itself .The very next day,I attended my class and I thought if it is not understanding and working for me  I  just thought to left the course but  the session was so motivative. It makes me to take a first step towards my coding preparation .then me and my friend regularly attended classes and submitted assignments. In this 7 day course we learned many things and enjoyed also the things  like kahoot quiz and google out sessions by sai sir . Then we have written exams after passed I got a small confidence in myself and also I want to upgrade myself more. So after finishing free coding school,I want to learn python strongly and study python from various sources from upgrading myself in python programming . For all this free coding schoolserved as a foundation . Now taking my next steps towards the growth of my career. Then LetsUpgrade not only stopped in my life after  free coding school  also they gave me a chance for working with them as student ambassador and gave me a chance to becoming  a part of their wonderful community. I feel overwhelmed that being a student ambassador of this excellent community. I ensure that I will give my best towards the goal of our community. I’ll increase the  progress of my growth day by day….for becoming a real hero .. :)

Thank you @Saikiran Sondarkar sir for giving this opportunity to us and also thank you  @Mhd.Saim Darji  sir and @Prasad Sawant   sir  for  moulding us for our better future and  keep doing it….