I am currently 2nd-year student pursuing BCA at Symbiosis Institute of Computer Science and Research, Pune. I love learning different programming languages. Even though I had some knowledge about python but I wasn't in practice with it due to lockdown and luckily one of my friends suggested to join LetsUpgrade and I'm so thankful to the whole team as the assignment and quiz and different topics taught by @Saikiran Sondarkar sir every day really encouraged me to keep practicing and I even learned many new things in python. I found it so fruitful that I even shared it with my friends.

The teaching technique and its process attracted me a lot. Keeping a certain time limit of the assignments created pressure on the learners in a good way and taking attendance and keeping a track record of every individual. Mostly I was able to see the team effort where every community member helped us with even a small problem which motivated me to be a part of the team.

I'm overwhelmed to be a part of the community as a Student Ambassador and help this next-generation community to grow its roots to as many parts as I can to take it to next level.

Special thanks to @Saikiran Sondarkar,@Prasad Sawantย  , @Mhd.Saim Darji and @Viral Patel for showing trust in me.ย