Hello LetsUpgraders!!

I'm one of the fellow Letsupgraders named Lathasri Kesani persuing BTech 3rd year at prestigious Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology,Guntur in Information Technology(IT) stream.

I'm interested in learning new skills and gaining knowledge in various aspects. Every time I search for something and want to innovate something.I'm excited in working with teams in hands-on Projects.I used to attend workshops,webinars and participated in hackathons and project-expo's.

How did you enjoy this Lock down??Have you done any certification courses and upgrade your knowledge by gaining skills??

Coming to me,I enjoyed this lockdown very well and still enjoying.can u guess what's the reason behind my enjoyment? The reason is "LetsUpgrade".

During the Lockdown one day our TPO sir suggest us to learn Python with out any cost which was launched by LetsUpgrade. Then I register for the first batch and start learning Python.

It's a free coding school with 7 days track which helps in learning Python form basic level to high level and makes us Zero to Hero in Python.

Actually I'm very poor in Python.In addition to this I didn't like Python and feel it as a difficult task to learn.But after joining for Python course in LetsUpgrade really I enjoy learning and feel the beauty of Python. Sai Sondarkar sir teaches very well.Sir main Motto is "Learn with Fun" and always aspires to inspire the students for reaching great heights.

During this learning path i enjoyed the lectures, kahoot quizzes and daily assignments.I joined in LetsUpgrade students community and answered many questions of my peers.

By this I involved in discussions,increased my student connections,speaking skills as well. Finally I completed the course by taking a Final test and grabbed my certificate.

It helps me a lot in showcasing my skills to the world.I also gained many skills like communication,leadership,team working.

You are thinking that with this my enjoyment comes to an end. My answer is exactly No.I got a chance to explore and raise my voice about LetsUpgrade and it's activities for student fellows.I'm selected as a Student Ambassador.

I dedicate my work for LetsUpgrade and help many students like me.I'm feeling glad for being a part of Letsupgrade and we are always with you. I promise that I dedicate my sincere efforts and work for reaching heights.I thank all the LetsUpgrade Team .

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                              This is my Journey with LetsUpgrade!! Start your Journey!!