I am happy to be a part of such a great community. Last month in may, I was going through Instagram stories I saw an Ad about Let's Upgrade "Python Zero To Hero course". And I read all the detail, it was certified and free so I thought why not to do this course and be certified in it. Although I had matlab and python programming in my 3rd year but I thought by doing this course I can learn more about it and implement it in my projects. It was really help full for me the whole team working as a family special. Prasad sir, sai sir and anirudhe sir all working to hard  takes so much efforts to teach us. In beginning I thought it is for free than they will teach only basics like other classes but it was an amazing experience not only they teach basic things but also major things like how to create dictionary how to use try command etc.Prasad sir was always there for helping us throughout the journey. And then I got chance for the Student Ambassador Program. I applied for it and given 2 interview on zoom and got selected as Let's Upgrade Student Ambassador. The interview was interactive and in friendly manner. I will take this opportunity given to me by the team. I hope I will help everyone to reach the Let's Upgrade community who are interested to learn Python. 

Thank you once again for giving me this opportunity to be a part of student Ambassador . 

Regards Vikas