I am Sheetal Kumar and I am currently pursuing my 6th semester information science engineering at Jain University....!
My quarantine started off by registering with LetsUgrade python course...I thought let me give it a proper try with all my efforts and this python course made me develop more interest in learning other coding languages...
As previously I had done my internship at entrepreneurship garage and also had done a mini project using python!
But wen I registered with Letsupgrade is when I actually got interest to learn something new .
This platform has given me such a great opportunity to build confidence in myself and start loving programming.
All the credit goes to Saikiran Sondarkar sir for his lectures and make python so damn easy!
The minute I heard about this platform giving us the opportunity to be a student ambassador I was even more thrilled as I am very interested and capable of being a student ambassador and represent college...!
The main reason why I chose to be a student ambassador is because there is no such platform like LetsUgrade that can provide a better quality of education and build interest and confidence in any student.
I am really greatfull and thankful to all the members of this community for giving me this amazing opportunity
Thank you all!