Hello, LetsUpgraders I’m Nikhil Agarwal, currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in BSC In  Computer Science at Dr. Vishwanath Karad’s MIT WORLD PEACE UNIVERSITY, Pune.

This is not a success in my life it is a part of my success... Because the things I need to achieve are still to be completed...

But there is always a saying that “सफलता एक यात्रा है एक मंजिल नहीं” i.e “ Success is a journey, not a destination”.

I am a  person very curious about Tech and Stuffs related to it. tech has always made me curious from my childhood, I remember me tearing apart the remote control car when one of its wheels was detached, I did that just to see what makes the Remote Control car to run i.e the motors, wires, their batteries, etc. Hahaha😂😂.. at last, I was not unable to understand some things but had a chase to see the parts inside it at that age and ironically I did lose the car 😂…. 

Talking about “LetsUpgrade”. I was part of LetsUpgrade from there very first Batch on  “Python”.

I came to know about LetUpgrade Through the ads on Instagram,  at first when I saw the add I taught this course to be the same as the other course which is free but is a waste of but I aught I would try the course to see how it is going to be… nut LetsUpgrade and their team provide me wrong as I had a very great experience during the course and even after finishing… they proved that every time, everything should not be the same.

                          Now I have come to a stage where I am going to represent them in our college as a Student Ambassador Program I would love to join hands with LetsUpgrade and take the community to the next level by helping the fellow upgraders and by making people aware about this next-generation community to put their future in right hands which will help them to achieve victory and ultimately would make our country’s future bright. And to tell people out there like me that I was wrong about Letsupgrade and how they turned out to be great...

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Be Safe || Be Happy || Keep Smiling