Hello LetsUpgraders,

We are continuously focused on improving our services and the learner experience.

In an effort to improve your experience with us we've made updates to our LU coins policy and wanted to let you know. Our updated policy will go into effect on October 1, 2020.

What are LU COINS?

LU coins are digital wallet credits with which you can redeem courses.

Why LU Coins?

  • Get rewarded for the contributions you do to the LetsUpgrade community.
  • Get rewarded for the activities performed.
  • Buy LetsUpgrade premium programs.
  • Access to premium tech sessions.
  • Buy a LetsUpgrade subscription.

Here, we'll summarize the changes we've made, but we really encourage that you fully review the new policies to ensure that you understand everything that's different.

We'd specifically like to highlight the following as informational points for our users:

Key Highlights: Activities and coins Mapping

Invite Your Friends & Family

  • If a student completes any essential course he/she will get 30 LU Coins along with the certificate
  • If your referred friend completes the essential course you can win up to 70 LU Coins along with the certificate in addition to point 1 stated above.
  • If your referred friend enrols for any of our premium programs, you can win up to 100 LU coins.


  • By writing articles and blogs about any informative /trending topics. If your article is selected by our moderators for the weekly newsletter you will receive up to 20 coins

Explanation Videos

  • Students, professionals can take a video and explain a topic for 2-5 mins and post in the related community group. It will be reviewed by the team before getting posted on Youtube. For each video posted, the person gets a certain number of coins after the team has reviewed the video. You can earn up to 8 coins

Build with LU

  • The LetsUpgraders can come with ideas, build projects with a team/without a team, and earn coins for the successful completion of the work. Depending on the complexity of the problem statement, LU coins will be provided. You can earn up to 10 -15 coins

BWLU Mentor

  • Members of the community can teach each other and thereby upgrade and uplift5 each other in the process. You can earn Up to 10 coins

Hack with LU

  • Hackathons will be conducted once in a while for boosting the developer inside. Winning the competition has its own perks and one main thing would be LU coins depending on the winning positions or special mentions. You can earn up to 25 coins

Offline Events in college

  • The Student Ambassadors must conduct offline events like seminars, workshops, hackathons in their respective colleges to earn coins. You can earn up to 15 coins

Offline Events in office

  • Industry Ambassadors can also conduct offline events in their workspaces and  can earn Up to 15 coins

LU competitions

  • For winning the LU coding battles and other online competitions the winners will be awarded coins. Depending on the challenge coins will be provided. You can earn Up to 25 coins


Where can I see my LU Coins?

What is the worth of 1 LU coin?

  • LU coins are mapped to each course and not compared to its monetary representation

Can I encash the LU coins?

  • No. You cannot encash the LU coins for cash. They can only be redeemed on our platform for redeeming courses.

How long will it take for LU coins to reflect in my account?

  • It might take around 7 working days for it to reflect in your account based on the activity performed.

How do I earn more LU coins?

  • You can complete the tasks mentioned above to earn coins.

Where can I redeem the LU coins?

  • Visit community.letsupgrade.in and in your profile section check the credit section. From there you can redeem the coins for courses available.

I referred my friends before 30th September 2020, when will I get the coins?

  • The process will be initiated after 30th and will be processed end to end within a week by 7th October 2020

We hope you find value in the updates we’ve made. These updates will help us continue to improve our service and make it easier for you to understand how we work.  We care about our community and want you to know we'll never make significant changes without notifying you first.

Thanks for being a part of our growing community