1) Beautiful Soap

It is one of the most popular libraries used for data scraping. Further, this data is given the required format. With the support of Beautiful Soap, specific content from the webpage can be extracted. Using the same, HTML markup can be detached and the information can be protected.

2) Scrapy

Scrapy is an alternative library of Python used for large scale web scraping. It is an open-source Python library which is very dissolute and modest to operate. It is beneficial for mining the data from the website. Scrapy is a collection of all the efficient tools required to abstract from websites, process them and structure them the way you want.


3) Selenium

Selenium is a library which automatically tests the web browser. It is also used for testing purposes in industries. It offers essential features to draw-out data and captures it in a future usable format. Selenium is slower from other Python libraries.

4) Matplotlib

Matplotlib is one of the most famous 2D graphical Python libraries used for data visualization. Not only 2D graphs, but it can also be useful to generate 3D graphs. It is helpful to generate graphs, bar charts, histograms, scatterplots, etc.


5) Seaborn

Seaborn is based on Matplotlib. It enhances the visualizing features of Matplotlib. This popular Python library provides a gallery full of visualizations including time series, joint plots, etc. Seaborn offers efficient tools for revealing the pattern of data in a more colorful manner.