LetsUpgrade FCS Python Zero2Hero Course Day-4: Silver Project Solution Steps given by Sai sir shared in google drive for guidance to beginners:

  • We need to print a board.Β 
  • Take in player input.Β 
  • Place their input on the board.Β 
  • Check if the game is won,tied, lost, or ongoing.Β 
  • Repeat c and d until the game has been won or tied.Β 
  • Ask if players want to play again.Β 

Step 1 : Write a function that can print out a board. Set up your board as a list, where each index 1-9 corresponds with a number on a number pad, so you get a 3 by 3 board representation.

Step 2 :Write a function that can take in a player input and assign their marker as 'X' or 'O'. Think about using while loops to continually ask until you get a correct answer.

Step 3: Write a function that takes in the board list object, a marker ('X' or 'O'), and a desired position (number 1-9) and assigns it to the board.

Step 4: Write a function that takes in a board, along with marker and checks to see if someone has won.

Step 5: Write a function that uses the random module to randomly decide which player goes first. You may want to lookup random.randint() Return a string of which player went first.

Step 6: Write a function that returns a boolean indicating whether a space on the board is freely available.

Step 7: Write a function that checks if the board is full and returns a boolean value. True if full, False otherwise.

Step 8: Write a function that asks for a player's next position (as a number 1-9) and then uses the function from step 6 to check if its a free position. If it is, then return the position for later use.

Step 9: Write a function that asks the player if they want to play again and returns a boolean True if they do want to play again.Β 

Step 10: Here comes the hard part! Use while loops and the functions you've made to run the game!