Hello guys, This is Jatin Nag S.R.

Here I present my story with LET'S UPGRADE,

To start with the fact that I know coding as much as I do now is an amazing thing because I wasn't like this two months ago and I never would've guessed I would learn so much in such a short time.

Let's upgarde free python school taught me so much coding in just 7 days, which was more than I learnt from my pu till then. The teaching methods, the way and the examples given encouraged me so much and made me more and more interested in coding and of course learning. D.R INGLE SIR and SAI SIR were amazing and I would never forget even one concept they thought ever.

Also I would've never thought I would get such a great opportunity of becoming a student ambassador and meeting people of same enthusiasm as me and would contribute in something bigger.

I'm thankful to LET'S UPGRADE team for providing such a great opportunity and I hope to spend a long long time with you guys and learn something new everyday, at the end let's all upgrade together. ☺️☺️