Hey LetsUpgraders,

LetsUpgrade is excited to launch ESSENTIALS 2.0,

with LEARN BUILD SHARE GROW, in its DNA everywhere.

We learned a lot from our previous Essential offerings and now planned to change it completely, with

  1. Learning from Experts Live 100%, ask your doubts, and participate in swags contests!
  2. Build projects in every essential with a duration of 7 days and get 1 project built from scratch.
  3. Attend our Doubt clearing JAMS everyday morning, where LU Team members will solve your doubts.
  4. Get Internship Opportunities from LU and other partner companies on completion of the program.

And the best part is all these are for FREEE FREEE FREEE !.

Come join for these below courses:

  1. Python Essentials 2.0 - https://es.letsupgrade.in/pythonbeg/
  2. HTML & CSS Essentials 2.0 - https://es.letsupgrade.in/html-css/
  3. Javascript Essentials 2.0 - https://es.letsupgrade.in/webdev/
  4. Data Visualization Essentials 2.0 - https://es.letsupgrade.in/datavisual/


Team LetsUpgrade