#Latest Tech news on fresher's Hiring

The IT giant has an employee base of 150,000. The company hired 8,600 people in FY20 and had plans to add 15,000 more from campuses this year. Freshers will still be hired, but the number of new hires will come down.

โ€œOur freshersโ€™ absorption has gone up by 35% compared to last year and we hope to see similar numbers this year. Our recruitment and onboarding has gone virtual, globally,โ€ said Apparao VV, Chief Human Relations Officer (CHRO) at HCL Technologies.

Vijayakumar says that the company has not faced any major outages due to work from home delivery model and the productivity has, in fact, increased significantly. However, this is under a lockdown scenario. โ€œIn the normal scenario, how the privacy and security aspect will play out is something we have to see. We need to reevaluate how this will work. Thatโ€™s how the industry will evolve and the working model will evolve,โ€ the CEO said....