Jupyter Shortcuts

Ctrl: command key ⌘
Shift: Shift ⇧
Alt: option ⌥

Shift + Enter run the current cell, select below
Ctrl + Enter run selected cells
Alt + Enter run the current cell, insert below
Ctrl + S save and checkpoint

While in command mode (press Esc to activate):

Enter take you into edit mode
H show all shortcuts
Up select cell above
Down select cell below
Shift + Up extend selected cells above
Shift + Down extend selected cells below
A insert cell above
B insert cell below
X cut selected cells
C copy selected cells
V paste cells below
Shift + V paste cells above
D, D (press the key twice) delete selected cells
Z undo cell deletion
S Save and Checkpoint
Y change the cell type to Code
M change the cell type to Markdown
P open the command palette
Shift + Space scroll notebook up
Space scroll notebook down

While in edit mode (press Enter to activate):

Esc take you into command mode
Tab code completion or indent
Shift + Tab tooltip
Ctrl + ] indent
Ctrl + [ dedent
Ctrl + A select all
Ctrl + Z undo
Ctrl + Shift + Z or Ctrl + Y redo
Ctrl + Home go to cell start
Ctrl + End go to cell end
Ctrl + Left go one word left
Ctrl + Right go one word right
Ctrl + Shift + P open the command palette
Down move cursor down
Up move cursor up